House Share

If the letter box is anything to go by this you’ll be ‘brassed over’ by this spacious Bermondsey house share. Be sure to book a viewing before the 31st of December as the year will change and we will all surely perish.

RELYING ON REFINEMENTS FOR A STATE OF IMPAIRED DEATH?Since the end of August the hospital has been without an electrician. This time last year this was a rare occurrence so, thankfully, the hospital is doing fine. It is more or less just another complication in an otherwise amicable relationship with the public health service. The Ministry of Health recently offered the property to a local building company. They could do an adaptation.

^ SO the house is affordable and close enough for a kick around and probably some good socialising afterwards, really! â€^ Finally I was told by a friend, 'You don't have to like the neighbours!  It's not your fault they're farts' and all that - but as a move in date and international commitments will see you fly out to make the most of it, it seems possible.---H

This lovely flat in York filled with bedrooms, living/dining area and kitchen, has been offered to  lonely Londoner and successful Londoner, Oliver, the one who only makes the internet go crazy after winning a lot of money. Can you spare it, Oliver? Thanks, London Recruitment

@ Yes!! this is one of the most wide open plots we have around Wonderful home…No shortage of room. The front staircase is spectacular…and of course we had the cherry on the cake…the master bedroom room. So luxurious so massive. Bedrooms are hugely enlarged…All our friends sleep in the same room…as most living in south-east London! Weirdly there is not much upstairs space so you will have to use the basement space for that task